Landmark Land Clearing

About Us

2017, We filled-a void in providing people with what they envisioned the best lawn. We started off as Landmark Lawn Care & Outdoor Services with a simple mission in mind of providing clients with the very best in maintenance, mowing, sod installations, and irrigation.

It was a journey for us along the way providing our services in such a changing industry. During the process we learned that is wasn’t always about the best lawn but it was truly about building the relationships with each customer that grew to bigger opportunities.

That’s when we took the next step, Landmark Land Clearing was born. There is rapid growth in our area and especially in the industry with building. We wanted the chance to provide a service that caters to home builders, developers, municipalities, and home owners.

We offer numerous services such as under brushing, forestry mulching, land clearing, site work, residential clearing and outdoor services. Each day is a different venture that we encounter and we will continue to provide the best services to our customers.